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Great Metal Documentaries

Dream Theater - Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York

Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York continues Dream Theater’s history of transporting fans to worlds only progressive rock’s premier standard bearers could create.

Expert Advice
  • “This concert of Dream Theater is fantastic.” – Victor Schroder
  • “A DEFINITE must have for any DT fan.” – “portnoy1abee”
  • “The performance only adds to the magic of the already genius music.” – Corey

Hunting the Elements
Consumer Reviews
  • “Very well done, informative, and interesting programs.” – J. Doughtie
  • “Very interesting and very educational on various topics, sometimes seemingly small area and insignificant but turned out to be related to huge amount of knowledge.” – Rocky
  • “The best public television has to offer.” – S. Gluck

Metal - A Headbanger's Journey

Anthropologist Sam Dunn decided to study the plight of a different culture, one he has been a part of since he was a 12-year-old: the culture of heavy metal.

Customer Reviews
  • “This is a great, fresh documentary about metal, and about music in general.” – Jonathan Molina M
  • “This documentary RULES!!!!” – Francisco Cortes
  • “All in all highly recommend for fans!” – Metaldiva

Anita / Jim & Glen / Sabret
Customer Reviews
  • “I love how much courage these people have to tell us their stories of surviving what life has thrown at them.” – Jeni
  • “I liked the show it really is amazing some of the things people have lived through.” – Xelha
  • “I really enjoy watching all of the I Survived shows.” – Roxy Johnson

Anita / Jim & Glen / Sabret
Consumer Guide
  • “I love how much courage these people have to tell us their stories of surviving what life has thrown at them.” – Jeni
  • “I liked the show it really is amazing some of the things people have lived through.” – Xelha
  • “If you want a front row to this you will love this show.” – lauras930

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II (World Tour 1992 in Tokyo)
Universal Studios

Shot live as two separate volumes during the band’s 1992 world tour in Tokyo, each video is a collection of their live performances.

Product Ratings
  • “This concert dvd is the next best thing to actually being there…thumbs up!!” – Steve M
  • “Very good concert, and the quality of the video is great!” – Pam
  • “Lots of great musical performances–doesnt get much better than Rocket Queen with the famous “rap” of “Tastes Good, Don’t It?”" – Mr. Randy Watson

Nickelback - Live at Home

Nickelback performing all their hits live plus behind the scenes & backstage footage, music videos, documentaries, interviews and more.

Metal Documentaries Reviews
  • “Good song, good picture, great quality sound.” – Petar Vodogaz
  • “It’s like seeing the show all over again, whenever I want.” – Tim Wilkinson
  • “Being a huge fan of the Nickelback boys, I had very high expectations of this DVD.” – T Berry

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II-The Metal Years

Heavy Metal Documentary

Buying Guides
  • “This vid has it all for those who love the hair rock, brain dead, heavy metal 80′s.” – Johny Bottom
  • “I must of said “Oh! Look who it is!” all through the movie.” – Metaldiva
  • “I purchased the video through “The Movie People” and will have no problems using them for any further purchases.” – J. Ruck

Get Thrashed

This film traces the rise, fall and impact of thrash metal; from its early years, through its influence on grunge, nu metal and today’s heavy metal scene.

Buyers Guide
  • “If you like thrash, you must get this.” – K. Drysdale
  • “This is an absolute must-own for any fan of heavy metal, and thrash in particular.” – B. Archer
  • “Absolutely a must-buy DVD, if you are a fan of the genre, and want to know about how it really was back then, this is the film.” – Mark S. Devito

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
WEA DES Moines Video

Filmed in 1986 at a Maryland concert arena parking lot before a heavy metal show, HMPL is an unvarnished anthropological study of American metalheads in their mid-’80s glory.

Product Reviews
  • “It got to the point that I was curious enough to just buy the tape without knowing what I was going to get.” – C. Koch
  • “Anyone who is or used to like heavy metal in the 80′s should get this.” – “blag”
  • “This is by far the greatest 15 minutes ever compiled onto one tape.” – “idvego”

Suggestions of the Best metal documentaries

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